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Garden Soil
Garden Soil
Garden Soil


Our dirt is sold by the scoop. Each scoop is a cubic yard, which will cover a 9x9 area 4 inches deep. If you need less than a yard, no problem! We sell .25, .5, and .75 size scoops!

**Please call (423) 472-8412 for product availability.

Dirt Products

Mushroom Compost

$32.00 per yard

Cottonseed Hull Compost

$20.00 per yard

Machined Topsoil

$37.00 per yard

Fill Dirt

$15.00 per yard

Rough Topsoil

$28.00 per yard

Planting Mix

$42.00 per yard

Our Planting Mix is a blend of topsoil, compost, sand, and soil conditioner.

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